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What To Do When You Are Stuck: Aunt BB Spells It Out.

We've all been there. We have to make a decision but for the life of us, we just can't seem to decide the right thing - or sometimes, any thing at all - to do. Try as we might, we are simply stuck. #stucksucks

Some people ask for help. Other, more capable or perhaps more stubborn, folks like to figure it out for themselves. Most of us go with something in-between. We may ask our partner or our parents or a trusted friend for their opinion and then we base our decision on a combination of the advice that we have received and a good bit of our own knowledge and gut instinct. But sometimes even life's small decisions are hard.

For moms, the question that is stumping them may be something important like "Should I take my baby to the doctor now or wait a day or two to see how things progress because perhaps this just a cold/virus?" Or it could be something less important but equally stressful, like coming up with something to wear for cousin Chad's wedding pictures ... you know those things will be around forever !

But whatever the delimna, large or small, we've all faced a time (or tons of times) in our lives when we were simply stuck for answers. That is, there were none to be had. None falling out of our own addled little heads, at least.

And so, I admit it. That's where I am. I'm stuck. I've been contemplating for weeks now "just the right thing" to say in this post that would bring value to the busy moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers who may take a few minutes out of their day to actually read it, and make you want to come back again for more. Your time is important. The decision that you made to open this page and read it is important, especially to me. But I also want it to be relevant. I want you to say "Wow, that was a great read. I should share this."

And now I'm going to give you, completely free, the advice that "the experts" dish out for hundreds of dollars. "Just do it." #freeadvice #justdoit #thefirststepisthehardest

Just make a decision. ANY decision. It doesn't necessarily even have to be the right decision. The difference between successful people and well ... not-so-successful people is that the big guys know that any forward movement is movement. And if it is not the right decision, or the best decision, or the one you wish you had made, much of the time you can make a second (or third) decision to correct your first one. But here's the thing that many people don't get: Your indecision is still a decision. Doing nothing at all is still doing "something"; that non-decision is just a decision that leaves you right where you are.

Sometimes the stakes are high, and it really pays to seek advice. But for those minor decisions, be a "do-er". Make a decision, even if it's the wrong one. #sometimeswrongisokay

And now I'm going to take my own advice and "Just do it." #letsgetuntstucktogether

I'm going to share my ideas with you about the spectacular, amazing, fantastical Aunt BB's Imaginatarium, where Imagination is the key, and here, your kids can learn to be anything they want to be.

"What is Aunt BB's?" #newblog, #followme, #Imaginethis,

Aunt BB's Imaginatarium is a concept indoor playground for toddlers unlike anything else currently in existence - and YOU can help turn it into a reality. More importantly, by getting in on the "ground floor" of production ideas, you can help make Aunt BB's Imaginatarium the type of indoor playground that would appeal to you and your children. Your ideas, your imagination, your input will help me to design and create a space that is anything but typical, and everything that you can imagine it to be.

Here's the 411:

Aunt BB's Imaginatarium will be an indoor playground for children age birth to 7 years that teaches children core concepts such as ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, sounds and values through fun, immersive play and song in a setting so upscale that you may even want to go without the kids - but you can't ! LOL #preschoolonly #parentandchild

I envision something of a cross between Willy-Wonka Land and Disneyworld, where the furniture, lighting and "toys" are whimsical, over-the-top imaginative, tech-forward, functional and comfortable, not just for kids but for parents, too. A sort of country-club for toddlers where their grown-ups like to hang out too. #toddlercountryclub

As the name implies, Aunt BB's Imaginatarium will be a place where your child's imagination is nurtured.

Each and every toy or ride or area within the facility will be teaching something to your child. Many will teach through song, as music and reading will be a big part of Aunt BB's Imaginatarium. Keep reading below, as I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here are just a few of the ideas that I have in mind so far for The Imaginatarium:

Proposed Zones:

1. Ride Zone featuring a mini-train and a carousel. Both the train and carousel will teach numbers and ABCs through songs and via numbered/lettered seating on the train and carousel.

2. Music Zone with walls and floors that look and play like keyboards. Your child will learn sounds, numbers, counting, notes, and other mathematical and musical concepts through song and play in this area. #musicismath #mathismusic #musicisuniversal

3. ImaginAquarium Zone. The ImaginAquarium is a digital aquarium that speaks the type of fish and a few details to the child when touched. The ImaginAquarium will partially surround the Splash Pad Zone. #ImaginAquarium

4. Splash Pad Zone. The Splash Pad will tie-in with the ImaginAquarium theme and be tailored to toddlers and pre-schoolers. It will also feature seating and relaxation areas for toddlers and adults. The splash pad will have a retractable roof for sunny days. If this is not feasible, the Splash Pad Zone will be housed in a courtyard area. #splashpadfun

5. Walking/Strolling Track Zone. The walking/strolling track will have an air-conditioned and glassed-in view along the perimeter surrounding the Splash Pad and ImaginAquarium zones. The track will feature fun and quick activities along the way for adult and toddler/child participation to help teach numbers, colors, shapes, etc. to your child. #walkitoff #destresszone #walkandlearn

6. Construction Zone with cars and trucks large enough for toddlers/pre-schoolers to ride and transport balls from a pit to another area. This area will also contain a race track for smaller cars and trucks. Cars and trucks will be colored, numbered and lettered, helping to teach the same to your children. #kidslovecars

7. Media Zone. The Media Zone will feature books, videos and a stage area.

- Aunt BB's Imaginatarium will carry a selection of books in Braille for the sight-impaired, and will feature sign-language postings throughout the facility. #forwardthinking #seeitfeelitsayit #signandbraille

- These very basic sign language postings, through repetition of sight and practice, will assist parents in teaching their infants basic signs such as eat, drink, sleep, finished/done, mom, dad, and many more to help their infant communicate basic needs to them while they are still pre-verbal.

- Aunt BB's will also have more advanced sign-language postings showing the names of the rides, animals and characters, and abc's etc. to facilitate all children (and adults) learning sign-language so that they may better communicate with non-hearing individuals both inside and outside of Aunt BB's. #signingiscool

- Aunt BB's Imaginatarium will be a Christian-based facility that will offer (not force) a very short Sunday Bible Lesson appropriate for pre-school aged children in exchange for free or reduced price admission on Sundays during limited opening hours, as a way to expose children to Christ who may otherwise not have the opportunity to learn about Him.#Christiscool #sundayfundaybibleexposure

8. Breast Feeding Zone. Aunt BB's Imaginatarium will be equipped with a Breast Feeding Suite that will offer a calm, quiet area for moms to breastfeed their infants. The Suite will be furnished with loungers, soft music, and a quiet area for older toddler siblings to play while mom is breast-feeding the baby. As breast-feeding is a natural process, mothers may also breast-feed anywhere in the facility as long as basic modesty is observed for the comfort of other patrons. #itsallnatural #breastfeedinglounge #doitinstyle

9. Kitchen/Lounge Zone. The Kitchen/Lounge Zone will be equipped with a sink and microwave, as well as high chairs, and comfortable seating for adults, providing an atmosphere where moms, dads and grandparents can hang out and get to know one another while feeding their toddler or pre-schooler a quick bite. #meetmeinthelounge

10. Restroom Zones. All restrooms will be equipped with both an adult size and a toddler size toilet, as well as a toddler urinal, changing table, and seating for siblings. Restrooms will also feature a large, clean area where you can sit your belongings. Hey - we've done the public restroom thing with a baby and it ain't easy ! We're gonna fix that. #twotoiletsinone #toddlertoilets #momshandsarefull

11. Diaper Changing Zones. We've also done the diaper changing thing -- lots. And we don't think that you should have to drag your toddler or infant and everything else that you own to the restroom just to change a diaper. That's why Aunt BB's Imaginatarium will have semi-private Diaper Changing Zones in multiple locations throughout the facility that will not require leaving the zone to change your baby's diaper. You will have enough privacy for the comfort of your child but enough exposure from where you stand to keep your eyes on any siblings in the play area. #weallpoop #changeitup

12. Trash Can Zones. In addition to adult-sized trash containers, The Imaginatarium will have colorful and enticing child-sized trash cans throughout the facility to encourage children to learn to use trash cans to throw away appropriate disposable items. #tossithere #trashcanfun

13. Furniture and Lighting: Both adult and child-sized furniture will be clever, whimsical, fun, imaginative, functional and comfortable. Because, yes, comfort is important. Lighting, especially in areas like the Kitchen/Lounge Zone and the Media Zone, will also be unique, whimsical and fun, because who doesn't love fun light fixtures? #sitdown #lightitup

14. Handicapped/Wheelchair Accessible Fun Zones. The Imaginatarium will make a special effort to have wheelchair friendly play areas, and areas where all children regardless of their level of ability can feel included and have fun while learning, because that's what it's all about. #iamable #includeme #teachinclusiveness #teachkindness

So there you have it. Those are the bones of Aunt BB's Imaginatarium. We are only in the planning stages right now. That is why I am asking YOU to share this blog with your fellow moms and dads, grandparents, friends, and babysitters. I want to hear what YOU think would make Aunt BB's the greatest indoor playground to ever exist.

What would make YOU specifically get into your car with your infant or toddler or pre-schooler, and all of the myriad things that you have to tote with you when you have little ones, to drive to Aunt BB's Imaginatarium?

How far would you drive? How much would you pay? How long would you spend there?

What makes your kid excited? What do you think would most help you to help your child learn while playing and having fun in this setting?

I really want to hear from you. #hitmeup #pleaseshareyourthoughts #pleasesharemyblog

I can be reached at or leave your comments below.

Together We Plan,

Aunt BB

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