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"Get Off Your Duff" and Other Things I Tell Myself.

Life Will Only Change When You Become More Committed to Your Dreams Than You Are To Your Comfort Zone. It's a saying that I have posted by my work station. I'm somewhat of a Quotophile. I like to collect quotes, mostly inspirational or motivational ones. But quotes are like any other form of advice - they are only helpful if they pertain to your situation and you take action based on the advice. Today, I am telling myself "Get Off of Your Duff !" Screaming it at myself, actually.

Sometimes it takes an event, pleasant or otherwise, to propel us into action. And so it was with me, as I was lounging around the pool while on vacation last week when I received a very unwelcome message from my daughter that two motivated business women in New York City have opened an indoor space similar to my dream for Aunt BB's Imaginatarium. "Damn them!" I texted back to her, tongue in cheek. Okay, after I looked more closely, it's not really that similar in it's execution but the concept is similar. It's an upscale space for kids that parents can enjoy as well. It's called "The Wonder" and it's a cool $450 per month for membership. Luckily, this isn't NYC and Aunt BB's Imaginatarium won't set you back $450 per month, but The Wonder does incorporate some of the ideas that I have for Aunt BB's.

Their furnishings are upscale; Aunt BB's will be also. #morewonderful They have a library; Aunt BB's will have a library/media room with a stage and video screen, and braille books, as well as sign language postings throughout the property. They have a well-stocked nursery; Aunt BB's will have a breast-feeding suite(s). They have a cafe with fancy, expensive food; Aunt BB's will have a comfortable and stylish lounging area for parents with a sink, microwave, refrigerator, and high chairs for feeding hungry toddlers. They have themed rooms; Aunt BB's will have better themed rooms! #wewilldoitbetter I have not seen mention of the types of toys available there, but Aunt BB's will have a carousel, a train, a musical floor and/or wall, a building/construction zone, a temperature controlled walking track, an interactive "imaginaquarium" surrounding a splash pad, and so much more. Most importantly, every single activity, from the carousel to the splash pad and everything in between, will be geared towards teaching your pre-school aged children things like letters, numbers, colors, shapes and language development. #educationcanbefun

It all sounds just wonderful, right? So what's the problem? Well, let me just be honest. You are probably reading this because you are a mom, dad, grandparent or caregiver and you know how overwhelming life can be. Sometimes, dreaming big is overwhelming and scary, and well, ... stifling.

But today, I am following the advice of the quote that hangs in my work station and stretching my comfort zone. #Committoyourdreams #goodbyecomfortzone In order to make Aunt BB's a reality, I need help. I need YOUR help. Big dreams don't be have to be built alone. #itsokaytoaskforhelp

I have all of these great plans. But you know that the ladies at "The Wonder" had that I don't? They were able to raise two million dollars in seed money! I'm not asking for money yet (that will likely come later). But if you love the idea of Aunt BB's Imaginatarium and want to help bring it to fruition, perhaps you, or someone you know, is willing or able to help get this great-big-ball rolling. So I'm asking you to please take a look and see if there is something on this list below that you think you can help with. You may also be able to add suggestions of your own. #helpasisterout

1. Business Plan Development

2. Illustrator for Business Plan

3. Finances: Angel Investors, Grant Writer, Small Business Loan

4. Contract/Business Attorney

5. Architect, Engineer, Builder for building design

6. Interior Designer

7. Publicist, Marketing Expert

8. Toy/Ride/Game Manufacturers

9. Illustrator, Ghost Writer, and Publisher for Aunt BB's book series

10. Song Writer

11. Multiple Educational Resources

As you can see, it's a daunting task to pull it all together. But I'm getting off of my duff, putting on my big-girl panties, and taking another step. #theanswerisalwaysnoifyoudontask

If you want to be my mentor or accountability partner, send me an email at And again, I welcome your suggestions and your help.

With gratitude,

Aunt BB

ps - please take a look around our website and past blog posts for additional information, and stay tuned for more to come by signing up for updates. Thank you.

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