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10 Fun Activities To Help Kids Become Smart at Heart

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

What kinds of things is a smart child able to do? If you surveyed people on the street, they might mention things like being able to read above grade level or figure out difficult math problems.

These basic subjects are a crucial part of learning. Increasingly though, educators and employers who are examining what it takes to succeed in our world are also talking about social and emotional skills as well.

This means a smart child is also able to empathize with others, and understand perspectives that are different from her own.

The official term for this is “social emotional learning,” and its a hot topic right now in the world of education.

As a parent, I’m interested in what I can do to help our son become “smart at heart” because it’s a crucial part of being human. It’s a bonus if it also prepares him for the 21st century workforce!

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