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Aunt BB's


An indoor playspace where tots learn & grow.

Welcome to Aunt BB's Imaginatarium

An indoor playspace where tots learn and grow

Aunt BB's Imaginatarium is an immersive play experience with incidental learning for tots and toddlers in a setting so upscale that you may even want to go without your kids - but you can't !


Hello and Welcome to Aunt BB's Imaginatarium, where Imagination is everything, and your little one will learn through reading, play and song that he or she can be anything that they want to be.


This project, along with this website, is a work in progress and I hope that you will be as excited to learn about my plans as I am to share them with you.  I have an extraordinary vision for Aunt BB's and I promise that Aunt BB's will be like nothing that currently exists.

Aunt BB's will be an entirely new and innovative place for parents and grandparents to take pre-school aged children, from birth to age 7, where they will learn as they play. Every activity, from the ride-on train to the carousel, the toddler construction zone, the splash pad, the stroller walking track and the musical floor, and of course, an Imaginaquarium (and so much more!) will be geared toward teaching your little ones things such as ABCs, numbers, shapes, and colors - but they will be having so much fun that they won't realize that they are learning.  


And the furnishings - oh, the furnishings !! They will be so spectacular that it will actually be a joy for parents to visit, too.  Think: a swanky lounging area with hi-chairs, sink and microwave, breast-feeding suites, restrooms with an adult and a child-size potty, easily accessible changing stations without having to leave the play area, comfortable and unique seating, whimsical lighting fixtures, a media center - and those are just a few ideas.

And I haven't even begun to tell you about the Aunt BB's children's book series.

Oh, the possibilities ! Just Imagine .... 

There's just too much to tell right here, so I sincerely thank you for your interest, and hope that you will explore our site, follow my blog and follow our progress as we take Aunt BB's from the pages of the Internet to the pages of a story book to the physical playground building, and eventually on to franchise.

Also, please feel free to email me with suggestions and ideas about what you, as a parent, grandparent, or caregiver would like to find at Aunt BB's when the doors are opened.

I know that your input and support will be invaluable to me as Aunt BB's becomes a reality, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Have a blessed day.

Aunt BB

aka Libby Cascaden

Aunt BB's Imaginatarium, Owner

Oh the wonderment

Our Mission

We're dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment for children and their caregivers. One where our buildings, our staff, and our materials intuitively support a unique and interactive experience that is fun for everyone. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

The inside and outside of our facility will make every one feel invited — no matter their differences. There will be wheelchair-friendly play areas, sign-language,  braille books, games, crafts, maps, music and  many opportunities for children to interact with one another, learn about their differences and find their commonalities as they explore and interact.

our vision


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